Individual Game Beta

Original Idea

My original idea is a strength and fitness game that mimics the mechanics of a drinking game. The concept of the game aims to combat the severe boredom that many are currently facing around the globe due to COVID-19. I wanted my game to do so in a healthy and safe way, in accordance to current government guidelines – 

“ keep our distance to stop the spread of COVID-19, staying active is critical for both our physical and mental health. Find out why it is so important, what you can and can’t do, and how to stay on track with your exercise routine.”

This means the game mechanics I intend to mimic must be able to become applicable to some form of online format/platform. 


The feedback I received from my pitch was that the game lacked substance but it was “interesting things to interrogate, like you see games as being enablers of conversation, and engage through laughter”.  It was also noted that games theme was unclear.

Beta Progression


For my game’s mechanics I narrowed the basis of the below games. 

  • Buffalo 
  • Kings cup
  • Beer pong
  • Pictionary

I decided that the bast way to achieve all the key items of my game that I would use a Pictionary type game.

The game will take advantage of two existing pieces of software: a) random word generator and b) ZOOM.

The rest of the game mechanics will rely on an instruction manual/booklet designed by myself. These include the exact number of exercises you have to do, who has to do them, when etc. How I will compact the game is still unclear – but I think I will use the same instruction manual. 

The group of players will use a ZOOM meeting as the platform for the game, the players will use the bank of words included in the instruction manual (made by myself), and enter them into the word generator, and add any additional words they like. One player will select the word using the generator, then using the draw feature within the screen share in ZOOM, aim to draw the object. Using the zoom chat players will aim tog less what is being drawn. The last payer to guess or anyone not to guess within the time frame will be given some form of physical item eg a pushup. 

Theme & Design

I took the below notes from the video above to help decide my theme –

  1. Is theme something I am into
  2. Does the theme support the game mechanics
  3. Does the theme communicate a goal
  4. Does the them familiarity and novelty

However I’m struggling to bring it together. If anyone has any feedback on my game and especially it’s them it’d be highly appreciated. 

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