Connected Vs Connection



The focus of my project is directed on the terms “connected” meaning to the internet and “connection” meaning to each-other. Under the current climate of the world we seem to be more connected than ever before, but at the end of the COVID tunnel will our ability to truly connect be hindered? Or can digital communication act as a replacement for interpersonal communication.





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  1. Yo Kendal,

    It’s awesome to see the progress you have made with your Digital Artefact, the engaging questions you’re asking and the feedback in which you are receiving from the posts are fantastic and should be considered a significant driving force for your project.

    You seem to be getting some seriously lengthy responses which is great (how can you be bothered reading that much, haha!) and it’s fantastic to see that your content is engaging greatly with the intended audience.

    If you want to look further into the future of digital communication, give this article a look, its super interesting and has some great research that you could use for your DA.

    Cheers, Jack.


  2. Hey Kendal,
    Quite an interesting topic you have here, something I don’t think many people would ponder, having said that I’m intrigued to see where your project takes you and what the content of your video essays will entail. I found something you might find useful in your search for your content.

    The article talks about how mobile phones are killing human interpersonal skills and interactions which is a common concern amongst users, I’m keen to see your final product of your DA!

    Cheers, Nick


  3. Hey Kendal,

    This is a very exciting topic! One that definitely needs to be explored with the correct care and detail, which I believe you have done. I think the direction in which you’re taking this topic is very strong, and I am intrigued to see how your video essay will unfold.

    The link I have shared below may adhere to your final project. This article explains the impact digital communication has had on face to face relationships. I think it is concerning to see that our generation of “Social networking”, has become our most socially inept time, as many lack skills of relating to an individual face to face.


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