Pitch presentation comments summary

Below I take aim at highlighting the key aspects of the three comments I curated on my BCM325 Future Culture Class Mates. I attempted in each of my comments, to discuss and share my thoughts on the subject manner of their pitch; take a look at the practicality and thus methodology,; contribute some of my own research on the topic; and offer insight into my take on their assignment in relation to the subject topics.



  • Aysha – Fake News


Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 7.27.44 pm.png

This comment was easy to write, i’ve done some previous research on the topic and take general interest in it. I spoke about the importance of the topic, and how I believe the how its cruciality over time would increase. I also speak about finding the root of the misinformation, and understanding its dissemination.

I explored the broader public utility by looking at how people understand information and the concept of users themselves taking a deeper look into the things that read at first glance.

I recommended the following sources sources which hopefully pointed Aysha in the direction of some existing takes on fake news.

Here are some instances which you might want to take a look at


This resource is just something that I’ve had for a while and you may find it interesting


I also wrote that it might be useful to look at the effect that  automated bots on social platforms like twitter have on the propagation of fake news. I believe in week eight we are taking a look at cyber-culture including cyborgs, androids and robots, and how this could be helpful in doing so.


  • Jasmine – Accessibility of Technology


Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 7.28.01 pm.png

Jasmine’s Digital Artefact looked at the Accessibility of technology by diving into two main topics. That is retail and online dating and the pros and cons of the accessibility of technology on these areas. I also commend the implementation of the FIST concept within her timeline. I think the accessibility of technology is a great topic to tackle. I like how Jasmine decided to take a look at dichotomous subjects within this topic. The methodology and consequently practicality of her project I think is concise, which I think will lead to a successful DA

I contributed this scholarly text looks at the indirect effect of technology of retail.



  • Comment 3 Summary + link & screenshot

The Future of Korea Dramas BCM325 Pitch

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 7.28.42 pm.png

In Corey’s digital artefact pitch he speaks about the globalisation of Korean dramas and the future of their content. His audience is viewers of globalised dramas, whether they know the origin of what their watching or not. H plans to look at the adaption of these dramas, past present and most importantly present and predict the trend over the next 24 months. through a four part series multimedia blogs. Specifically these blogs will entail past Korean drama and academic principles, present day Korean drama, effects of covid on production, the trajectory of Korean dramas

I personally take great interest in this topic! being a big fan of Korean culture and the language, so exploring Korean Dramas sounds like a great idea. I think forecasting the trajectory of Korean dramas especially under the current climate will be difficult however I believe this is what makes the topic interesting.

Below is a scholarly article which i offered to Corey which takes a look at the future of tv industries formats around the globe. You might find it helpful.


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