Falling Out of Love with Cinema

The Silver Screen has been a past time for many over the last 130 or so years. Its popularity however has suffered over this time. The decline in cinema’s popularity can be put down to a number of key factors.


Today, in Australia there are so many ways in which to experience cinema. There are different classes, venues and categories which generate different experiences. Today the range of movie experiences are extraordinary… they do not just include general admission. Other experiences include V-Max advertised as an “enhanced movie watching experience”; 3D which “adds a new and vital dimension to your viewing experience”; Gold Class, adding a little extra class to your movie experience. Cinema experiences include the ones stated above but are certainly not limited to them, depending on where you are watching. 


For the most part there are several common items which make up the cinema experience that most people today are familiar with. Each of these components have changed over the last 50 years. The first thing which makes the cinematic experience is the venue, this aspect has not changed much, centred at the front of a large auditorium like building filled with comfortable chairs is a screen. The next integral part of the cinema experience the video audio quality, which has progressed significantly since the 70s. The movies shown at cinemas over the last 50 years have also changed significantly, obviously movies reflect the wants of society at the time, specifically in the 70s X-rated films became popular.  Another important and memorable part of going to the movies is the drinks and food/candy bar, something that has not changed much over the years. Finally, the cost and admission of of movie tickets has changed since the 1970s with the average price back then sitting at around $2 USD (adjusted for inflation), whereas the price for a movie ticket costs, at an average, around $9 USD in 2019, however, tickets have been seen at prices upward of $20. 


What’s known as “The Golden Age of Cinema” was between the 1930s and 40s. In this time Cinema was the primary form of entertainment for people in countries like Australia, Britain, Russia, The United States and other countries alike. In these places attendance was high, people visited the cinema at least twice a week. Since this time a number of mediums have disrupted the film industry. Firstly and most predominantly television’s rise in the 80s meant increased competition for the industry. Since then internet-enabled media for movies, documentaries, television programs and more has also meant increased competition for the film industry. 

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